The Odee Company is Hiring

The Odee Company is hiring and they just landed me; Cole Holland.  I am a twenty three year old who has recently started working for The Odee Company. I have accepted the job and began my training in mid April.

Training has consisted of assistance on the Heidelberg offset presses as well as on our HP Digital press.  I’ve moved from the press room floor to the wide format department where I’ve assisted in printing on our HP Latex printers. Assisted in the contour cutting of wall murals on vinyl. I’ve also assisted in the bindery with some of the many fulfillment projects which have include promotional items, printing, and wide format pieces delivering to multiple locations nationwide. As busy as we’ve been, I’ve been forced to drive more than anything else which has been nice getting to meet The Odee Company‘s many loyal customers and friends.

All of this training is with hopes of learning the Print Industry and earning a sales position. I am starting this Blog to talk about what I personally learn and what The Odee Company has to offer it’s clients. I’ll update my blog weekly with information about how my time is spent and all of the interesting print, promo, fulfillment projects running through our doors at The Odee Company.

Obligatory introduction picture:

Cole Holland
The Odee Company; est 1923


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